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Spring at Your Home: Decor Tips for a Fresh Renewal

Spring is knocking on the door, and with it comes the irresistible urge to refresh your cosy nest. It's the perfect time to breathe new life into your home, adorning it with the colours, textures, and energy of this season of renewal. Discover how to transform your space with simplicity and elegance!

A breeze of freshness: the essentials for spring 

To start, what better way to update your decor than with eclectic vases and bold floral arrangements? Flowers, of renewal, bring life and colour into our homes. Mix and match vase sizes, shapes, and symbols materials to create unique focal points.

Next, consider mirrors for more light. Strategically placed, a large mirror can enlarge the space and reflect natural light, making rooms brighter and more welcoming.

Textiles and patterns: the spring metamorphosis

Textiles play a key role in transforming your interior. Sheer curtains are perfect for letting in light. They help create a light and fresh atmosphere, ideal for spring. For the bold, layer these with a coloured curtain to create a harmony of colours.

As for cushion covers in pastoral patterns or bohemian style, they are the very embodiment of spring at home. They evoke nature, the countryside, and bring a touch of gentleness to your living room or bedroom.

Rugs are an easy way to change the look of your home. You can set aside winter's entry mats laden with salt and choose jute rugs, which make the space warmer. In the living room, rugs with bohemian, scandinavian, or shabby chic patterns fit well with the warmer weather setting in.

Check out our rug catalogue for inspiration!

Green spaces: when nature invites itself into your home

Spring is also a time for greenery and nature. Indoor mini-gardens and hanging plants are welcome additions to the home. A plant like ivy (Hedera), known for its diversity and strong air-purifying properties, is a good choice. For larger foliage, opt for Scindapsus, also known as pothos, with their heart-shaped leaves. The Philodendron, with its large leaves, is also an ideal choice for indoors.

For further creativity, try creating living green walls!

Decor accents: small details for big effects

For the finishing touches, consider scented candles or essential oil diffusers. Choose light, floral scents like lavender, rose geranium, or bergamot.

They not only add a cosy touch to your interior but also fill your home with a fresh and light fragrance.

To complete the ambiance, incorporate decorative objects like vases, frames, or small sculptures. Natural materials like wood, rattan, or ceramic are your best friends.

Comfort zones: reinvent your relaxation spaces

Creating a reading nook by a window with a cosy armchair is the perfect embodiment of spring comfort. Add a pale-coloured throw and a rattan hanging lamp, and you have a little space where you can relax, read a book, and enjoy the sun.

Light and colours: brighten up your decor

Lamps are your allies! Whether table lamps, hanging, or floor lamps, they create a subdued ambiance with soft, warm light.

Changing the colour of the walls can really create a wow effect. Without necessarily having to repaint your entire home, you could just paint a small section. For example, creating a coloured arch is a great way to add a touch of novelty to your home without committing to long hours of work.

Soft and soothing hues like tender green, sunset orange, or pastel yellow evoke the gentleness of spring and revitalise your space.

Conclusion: your home, a constant renewal

The arrival of spring is the perfect opportunity to bring a breath of freshness to your interior. By following these decor tips, you will create a vibrant, bright, and welcoming space.

Do not hesitate to visit the inspirational catalogue for more decor ideas. 

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