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7 tips for a low-maintenance backyard

There's nothing like relaxing on the deck on a nice day! But sometimes, we don't enjoy our backyard because it requires too much maintenance. Isn't that annoying?

To get settled in without a list of tasks to occupy your weekends, consider these lower maintenance options.

1. Choose a deck covering that is easy to maintain

A wood floor deck must be maintained on an annual schedule: staining, painting, pressure washing, etc. You must spend hours preparing it before you even use it! This choice of decking is also more fragile to the weather and gets damaged by the sun's rays.

The maintenance-free option: ceramic or porcelain tile. With Quebec's climate, this is the best option! This material resists freezing and thawing and has a very low absorption rate, which is ideal for outdoor installations. It is also very easy to clean: a damp cloth is all that is needed. Porcelain also offers an ultra chic and sophisticated look and is very comfortable under bare feet. This material is more and more seen in the courts… and with good reason! Often, it is a continuation of the floor that is found inside.

2. Put synthetic grass instead of real grass

You think this option is old-fashioned? Think again! New products now imitate natural grass very well. The cost of materials and installation can be up to four times that of a natural grass. However, when you factor in maintenance costs such as watering and fertilizer, you may be able to recoup the initial cost within a few years. In addition, synthetic turf is maintenance free and has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. The grass will always be greener at your place than at the neighbor's!

3. Installer uInstalling a black aluminum gazebo

For an al fresco lunch, there's nothing better than being able to enjoy the shade of a gazebo. Like the patio cover, it's best to swap the wood for a black aluminum structure here too. With no maintenance required, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your meal. If you opt for curtains or blinds, choose them light to avoid premature fading by the sun.

4. Add mulch or rocks to flower beds

Gardening not your strength? Choose plants that will grow easily, such as hostas and ornamental grasses, and cover the rest of the area with a fabric that prevents weeds from growing. For the finishing touch, add mulch or rocks. No more weeding!

5. Opt for artificial plants

If you really don't have a green thumb, artificial plants will be your allies. Choose good quality plants that will look just like natural species, without having to pamper them. By choosing trendy pots to house them, they will be the star of your yard! You can install them on your balcony, your outdoor carpeting, your ceramic floor deck or your fences for example. There is no such thing as too many plants: they give life!

6. Consider composite wood for the fence

Speaking of fences, do yours lose their luster year after year? If so, it's probably because they're made of wood! Maintenance-free privacy fences are possible with composite panels. Many colors and textures are available for all budgets.

7. Install automated systems

Consider installing automatic watering systems for the lawn - if you have chosen to keep the natural option - and flower beds. Also consider automatic outdoor lighting. There are several solar patio light options on the market: string lights, garden lights, pendant lights, etc. You're sure to find a choice that suits your style and needs. You could also opt to connect your electric lights to a timer. 

Here are some ideas that will definitely help you enjoy your yard… more often! Have a great summer!