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Home: 8 easy steps to get your house ready for winter

Beautiful weather has given way to fresh air and days are getting shorter. The time to cozy up to your home is around the corner. But first, you may have some work to do to get your house ready for winter.

Some steps can be taken to avoid damages. But we must not overlook the important measures to ensure that you fully enjoy the comfort of your home during the cold season. Here are our suggestions, all categories combined!

Les fenêtres bien lavées pourront facilement laisser entrer les rayons de soleil pendant l’hiver.

The big cleaning of the season

Clean windows: a matter of well-being

You don't feel like doing a major fall house cleaning? However, it would be a good idea to wash at least the windows both inside and outside. It's a question of well-being! Indeed, there are so few rays of sunshine in winter that they must be able to pass easily through the windows to give you access to its benefits. Especially vitamin D. Besides, brightness in a house is good for the mood!

Store and clean your belongings

Just because they live outdoors doesn't mean that patio furniture, children's toys and tools don't need a little love. Do a good clean up and store everything you can in the garage, basement or shed. It is best not to put too much under the balcony: the accumulation of snow and ice can create an uplift. Next spring, you will be happy to have organized the yard beforehand.

Jouez avec les coloris et les textures de vos accessoires pour rendre votre décor plus automnal

Add an atmosphere in your home for winter

Change your home design (partly!)

No one wants to rethink the design of their home every season. However, it is wise to have two sets of accessories on hand (one more summery and the other more wintery) that will dress the same room whose furniture and wall colour remain the same. For example, you might decide to give a more autumnal look to your bedroom by playing with textures and colours: thick velvet curtains in warm colours, longhaired rugs, yellow or navy blue decorative cushions, wool throw, etc. Then, in the spring, simply put the brighter and fresher accessories back on.

Spreading new smells

It is important to aerate the house before winter, especially if you own an air-conditioner. This helps to change the air that is more polluted than you might think. Keep doors and windows open for at least one hour in the fall. Cleaning filters (kitchen hood vents, air exchanger, etc.) is also an excellent idea to improve air quality. Also, to get in the mood, spread autumn smells. With candles or essential oil dispensers, scent the house with a sweet aroma that makes you want to pamper yourself inside like cinnamon or vanilla.

Pour vous mettre dans l’ambiance, répandez des odeurs automnales dans la maison

Prevention is better than cure

Inspect the gutters

Are your gutters full of leaves and debris? It is best to clean them before the cold arrives. This will prevent garbage from blocking rainwater drainage when it is soaked in water. This, by freezing, could break the gutters. Psst! Remember to remove the gutter extensions for the same reason.

Stop insects from entering

Some bugs are looking for warmth during the winter. They can be found in cracks in the foundation of the house or in the air outlets of kitchen hoods or dryers. They can also infiltrate into openings in the attic. Check the waterproofness of your home. And to drive away carpenter ants, get rid of dead wood, rotten plant waste and above all, destroy access points such as tree branches touching the building's structure.

Check the insulation

No one wants to feel winter breezes and see their electricity bill rise. The front door is the first to be checked: close it on a sheet of paper. If it slips, it's time to invest in caulking. As for windows, put your hand close to them to check their tightness and change the seals if necessary. It is also possible to apply plastic wrap designed to insulate patio doors and windows.

Eliminate moisture problems

Living in a damp house is never pleasant, especially in winter. And that's often because there's a water infiltration problem. The signs are diverse: it can be a ring on the ceiling or wall, missing shingles on the roof or a warped floor. Before the snow begins to fall, walk around your home looking for possible damage. When the leak is sealed, all that remains is to repair. If your flooring needs to be replaced, don't hesitate to visit a Deco Surfaces store for expert advice.

We hope that these 8 concrete actions will give you peace of mind that will make you appreciate the presence of winter... in your cozy home!