There are two extremely popular floor coverings: ceramic and natural stones. Reliable and long-lasting, they withstood the test of time. For thousands of years, they were used to add beauty to everyday life, and were popular for their convenient and resistant aspects.

Whether used in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere, on the floor or on walls, they always give a particular charm, warmth and comfort to each home in which they are featured.

Wall ceramic has made a strong comeback in kitchen and bathroom designs. Its finishes – whether bold, textured or even printed – add a visual impact that draws attention and brings a modern and refined touch to any room. Available in a wide selection of colours, sizes and styles, ceramic is versatile as it lends itself to various design concepts. Wall ceramic can act as the focal point in a room since it creates a strong statement.

Ceramic, glass, stone, porcelain or aluminum mosaic tiles are well-known for their durability, but more importantly, they are a popular choice among consumers because they come in an endless array of styles, colours and sizes. Mosaic tiles enhance the rooms in which they are installed by adding a contemporary and elegant touch, creating a design that is sure to please.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured from a higher density material which is less porous and harder than ceramics. This quality gives it extreme durability that allows it to hold up well to changes in temperature and humidity. Thus, it can be used indoors and outdoors, for both residential and commercial projects.  For the outside however, only a stronger grade V can be installed.

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