Ecological wood

Ecological wood 122 – Teragren Bambou Signature
122 – Teragren Bambou Signature
Ecological wood 122 – Teragren Bambou Synergy
122 – Teragren Bambou Synergy
Ecological wood 115 – EZ Cork Plus
115 – EZ Cork Plus

A hardwood floor is a good environmental choice. As a natural resource, wood is renewable and recyclable. Since it is a pure material, methods of hardwood floors manufacturing are often much more environmentally friendly than other types of flooring.

Because wood gathers almost no dust and other allergens, several associations agree that wood flooring is the perfect environmental choice in a home, reducing the need for cleaning products that can be harmful to the environment.

Essences such as cork do not imply any tree cutting, while others such as bamboo are rapidly renewed.