Pre-oiled hard wood

Pre-oiled hard wood Merisier Cafétéria 73029
Merisier Cafétéria 73029
Pre-oiled hard wood Noyer Crête d'ivoire 73181
Noyer Crête d'ivoire 73181
Pre-oiled hard wood Frêne 72814
Frêne 72814
Pre-oiled hard wood 144AL- Meleze authentique
144AL- Meleze authentique

A natural oil finish is an option to consider if you want to put forward the innate characteristics of wood while protecting it with a thin film. This type of finish highlights the wood grain, its grooves and the richness of its different shades. It also helps minimize scratches and increase resistance to temperature variations. Pre-oiled floor can easily be repaired with a kit available at Deco Surfaces stores.