Pre-varnished hard wood

Pre-varnished hard wood 0126 Yukon Maple
0126 Yukon Maple
Pre-varnished hard wood 1125 Ombre Boisee White Oak
1125 Ombre Boisee White Oak
Pre-varnished hard wood 0126 Sandbanks Pacific Birch
0126 Sandbanks Pacific Birch

Choosing a pre-varnished hardwood flooring has many great advantages. As the varnish is factory applied, there is no dust due to sanding, no unwanted vapors in your home and no need to wait for the dry finish. Varnish protects your flooring from scratches and color variations. Gloss, satin, matt… there are several choices of hardwood varnishes and Deco Surfaces experts can help you determine the right option for you!