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Today’s rugs hold a key place in interior design as designers keep reinventing the wheel for them. Their warm colors and patterns will add a touch of style to any room, while their soundproofing qualities will create a cozy atmosphere. The new generation of rugs is mould-resistant, dirt-repellent and is made of low VOC-emitting materials. For all these reasons, they are a sound choice to enhance the design and create a distinctive look for any room.

However, since rugs have a significant impact on the feel of the room in which it is installed, it is important to choose it carefully to achieve the desired effect!  

Here are two questions you can ask yourself before choosing a rug that will suit your decor perfectly:

Natural or synthetic fibres?

A rug made of natural fibres (like wool) is beautiful, but more expensive. In addition, it is high maintenance and requires professional cleaning work. As for synthetic rugs, they are much more affordable and easy to care for, but some have complained about the presence of non- biodegradable materials in its composition. The choice is yours!

A coloured or neutral rug?

It is important to consider where your rug will sit before choosing its color and pattern.  

This way, if you are thinking about putting it in a hallway, where there is lots of in-and-out traffic, it is better to choose a rug that is dark and neutral in colour, ato make stains less noticeable.

To give a visual effect of more space to a small room, choose a rug with a light coloured hue. Make sure to balance the rug with the colours of the walls and the furniture. For instance, if you put a rug in the living room and that your sofa is brightly coloured, choose a neutral rug that will create a nice contrasting effect.

Rugs are available in a wide array of patterns and colours: the possibilities are endless! If you can’t make up your mind, feel free to ask a designer’s advice. 

Today’s carpets are reinvented and play an important part in interior designs. Its warm colors and patterns will add a touch of style to any room. As for its soundproof properties, they will help to create a cozy atmosphere.

The new generation of carpets is mould-resistant, holds less dirt and has low VOC emission rates.