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124OA - Pierre calcaire
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1007- HarmonyGlassAndStone

There are two extremely popular floor coverings: ceramic and natural stones. Reliable and long-lasting, they withstood the test of time. For thousands of years, they were used to add beauty to everyday life, and were popular for their convenient and resistant aspects.

Whether used in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere, on the floor or on walls, they always give a particular charm, warmth and comfort to each home in which they are featured.

Investing in natural stones or quality ceramic that is in line with your taste is a sound choice.  It is actually worth spending a little more money for a purchase that will last for years and that won’t lose its sophistication, quality and beauty.

While ceramic is appreciated for its resistance, we are more often seduced by its beauty. Available in an infinite variety of shapes and colors, it is sometimes traditional, and sometimes eccentric, but never boring. Whether used as a floor covering or flooring, ceramic will live up to the expectations.

Its installation requires a certain amount of know-how, because the task needs to be carried out with precision to obtain an optimal result. A few days of work is needed for a successful laying. More specifically, the work involves a series of steps, like mixing mortar, installing underlayment panels and calculating the disposition of the tiles. Feel free to call upon the expertise of a team of professionals – it is more expensive, but you will be sure of getting quality work, and that no touch-ups will be required in the short term.

A ceramic floor is a durable, elegant and harmonious choice for your home. Thanks to today’s interior design trends, ceramic tiles now come in many textures, finishes and sizes, fitting all kinds of décor. Both timeless and modern, ceramic is mostly used as a floor covering but can also be used as a wall covering, which will always give beautiful results.

Déco Surfaces has several locations across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Our customers can choose from a broad range of ceramic tiles of different styles and sizes. Our decoration consultants are able to advise you in choosing the natural ceramic that best meets your needs, tastes and décor. It is essential to take the time to choose the most appropriate floor covering.

If you have a renovation project and are interested in a ceramic tile floor, the best would be to meet with one of our consultants and to browse our selection of ceramic models in one of our stores in Quebec, Ontario or New Brunswick. We will be pleased to guide you in your shopping.

In the meantime, here is some general information on this elegant and durable floor covering!

What is ceramic?

Ceramic tiles are made of a paste covered with enamel and fired to very high temperatures. The paste and enamel of ceramic floor tiles are fired simultaneously (single-fired) to obtain a high degree of melting and resistance. As for ceramic wall tiles, the elements are fired in two stages (double-fired), resulting in glossier enamel perfect for walls.

Ceramic or porcelain?

As a floor covering that’s similar to ceramic, porcelain is different in that it’s fired longer and therefore features slightly higher resistance. However, even if a floor covering is made of porcelain, it will usually be referred to as a ceramic floor.

Advantages of a ceramic floor

Ceramic adapts to temperature changes very well and is highly resistant to thermal shocks. It is low maintenance and is much less likely to stain compared to other floor coverings. It also comes in a wide array of styles and suits all décor. Ceramic tiles are available in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes and colours: feel free to arrange them to your liking! Ask one of our decoration consultants in our ceramic stores in Quebec, Ontario or New Brunswick to advise you and help you choose.

Finally, for ultimate comfort, a ceramic floor covering is perfect for installing a heating floor.

Where can I use ceramic?

Right off the bat, when one thinks about ceramic tiles, one thinks of a floor covering for bathrooms or kitchens. Indeed, this material lends itself well to the décor of these rooms. However, the latest interior design trends are pushing back the boundaries of ceramic, showcasing it in the bedroom, living room or entrance. The reality is that the possibilities are endless! Ceramic can be installed in every room of the house when combined to a heating floor – which prevents it from becoming too cold while still heating a room consistently. The large selection of shapes, colours and finishes offers a tremendous amount of styles!

Installing a ceramic floor: easy or difficult?

Ideally, the installation of a ceramic tile floor should be performed by a team of professionals. While some floor coverings, like floating floors, are relatively easy to install, the installation of a ceramic floor requires particular know-how. If they are not properly installed, ceramic tiles may be damaged and your floor is likely to become less durable.

Déco Surfaces offers ceramic floor installation services in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Call us for more information.

An infinite choice of ceramic tiles at Déco Surfaces

As mentioned earlier, ceramic comes in an infinite variety of models. Ceramic tiles can be either really big or really small, and are available in all sorts of colours and sizes! Ask one of our in-store consultants to see our wood or concrete effect ceramic, the latest in interior and exterior design!

We have several locations all over Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Call us without delay!