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Birch Terra Classique


In stock
From $5,81 / sq. ft + Applicable shipping costs
From $5,81 / sq. ft + Applicable shipping costs

Birch Terra Classique


In stock
From $5,81 / sq. ft + Applicable shipping costs

Thickness (inch)

  • 3/4

Width (inch)

  • 2 1/4

  • 3 1/4

  • 4 1/4


  • Pacific

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Let Birch - Terra Classique transport you to horizons of well-being and comfort. Its satin finish, pre-finished with urethane, unveils a soft and warm radiance, inviting relaxation in your cocoon of happiness. The noble essence of birch creates an enchanting decor, where every moment is in harmony with the present. With the Pacific grade, discover eternal elegance that transcends trends. Explore a new dimension of beauty, where the soul of the wood flourishes in all its splendor.

Experience the essence of Birch - Terra Classique, explore our inspiring collection now!

For this product, we recommend adding a 5% loss factor to the desired quantity.
The colours shown may differ from the actual product colours.

Avis :
This sample is provided as an example and cannot represent the extent of fine marks, tones and colours present in a grade and species of wood. Each blade is unique, so there may be some variation between the sample panel consulted and your floor.

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Product information

  • Essence Birch
  • Finish type Prefinished
  • Name of the finish Satin
  • Finish composition Urethane
  • Qty per box (sq. foot) 20
  • Total thickness (mm) 19.05
  • Total thickness (inches) 3/4
  • Width (inches) 3 1/4
  • Minimum length (inches) 10
  • Maximum length (inches) 79
  • PEI Pacific
  • Installation system Nailed or stapled
  • Edge Micro-V
  • Platform Solid wood
  • Maximum number of blast 7
  • Warranty 25 year residential