7 Tips for the Perfect Baby Room

7 Tips for the Perfect Baby Room

Is the stork planning a delivery at your home soon? We certainly feel it’s important for you to plan a baby room decor worthy of the love you already have for your child. Here are renovation and home decor tips for the perfect baby room.

Shades and blinds in a baby room nursery

1. Blinds are a Must!

Your baby will have to sleep a lot and at different times of the day. In order to diminish light during daytime naps or late summer sunsets, good blinds are essential. Moreover, a new trend has recently appeared: colourful and patterned blinds and shades. Dare to install shades in bright or bold colours. They can look good in all rooms of your house. In a child's bedroom, they will brighten the decor while providing privacy.


Girafe pattern blind



Baby room with barn wood wall covering

2. A Contemporary Bedroom ... with an Adorable Touch!

Some parents love a clean and contemporary look wonder how to design their child's room without distorting its vocation. If you want your baby’s room to be in the same style as the rest of your modern home, try installing an accent wall, made of porcelain tiles or wooden wall covering, which can be paired with monochrome furniture and accessories. Perfect for a decor that is both stylish and sweet!


Wallpaper and wall decals are perfect to give your child's room that fun element

3. Wallpaper and Wall Decals, Great Mood Creators

Did you know that wallpaper was invented centuries ago China? The multiple styles and variations in wallpaper ensured its popularity which still goes on today. Applying wallpaper to an accent wall is an economical and stylized way to decorate your baby’s room. Wall decals and mural can also be interest alternatives. Visit participating Deco Surfaces retailers and get inspired!


A classic Decor for your baby's room is perfect to stand the test of time

4. A Classic Decor that will Stand the Test of Time!

For some of us, decorating is not our cup of tea. It may be smart to choose a baby room décor that will remain current for many years. Therefore, opting for a classic style may be the best solution. To achieve such a look, choose a neutral shade for the walls, such as greige, beige or eggshell. You should opt for classical and simple furniture. Feel free to accessorize with colourful elements (lamps, cushions, curtains) that you can change over time as your child grows up. This decoration style is also great to save money over time. Easy, practical and economical!


Choosing a resistant floor is a wise choice for your child's room

5. A Resistant Floor

The older your child becomes, the harder it will be on your floor. Dropped baby bottles, toys scratches and crayons might cause unwanted damage to your floor. That's why it's better to choose a resilient floor covering that will forgive minor imperfections. For hardwood, you could choose red oak, white oak or maple. A matte or brushed finish is recommended as it will forgive scratches better than a gloss finish. Vinyl planks are also an ultra strong and trendy product. Some can even be installed directly over an existing floor! These types of vinyl planks and tiles have been gaining fast popularity to renovate basements and games rooms. If you can’t decide, go to your local store and let our consultants assess your needs.


For a unisex decor choose gender-neutral bedroom colours

6. A Unisex Decor

Did you decide to only learn your baby’s gender at birth? Do you dislike the idea of gendered colours? Decorate your baby’s room in a unisex style! Green, yellow, gray or white will introduce neutrality to the room. Wooden elements are also perfect. Animal themes and geometric shapes are also quite fun to add a youthful element to a child’s room. Note that a herringbone pattern can add a beautiful dynamic flow to your child’s bedroom.


Rugs and carpets will bring comfort to your baby's room

7. Carpet: Synonymous with Softness

In a child's room, softness and comfort are required. Soft textures can be created with blankets and cushions made of fake fur or wool. But the floor can also be comfortable by incorporating an area rug. With short or long hairs, a carpeted area will certainly inspire comfort. In addition, it creates a convenient to place to put baby on during games and when he or she starts to crawl.

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