12 things that buyers look for in a home

12 things that buyers look for in a home

Have you ever wondered what was appealing to the average person looking for a property? Here are twelve features that help in the sale of a home.


The house is ready to welcome them

Finished rooms

Is the basement (or any other room) unfinished? It would be a good idea to build walls and install floors before selling. Indeed, most buyers want a turnkey home that requires little or no work. Psst! Vinyl is ideal for this kind of last-minute renovation: it is inexpensive, quick to install and offers many up-to-date looks.

Shelf filled with shoes and decorative accessories

Well thought-out storage space

No need to have a spacious house to attract visitors. In fact, more and more of them are looking for small properties to reduce their ecological footprint. But space must be optimized. Thus, they fall in love with rooms whose every nook and cranny is used and which have several functions, without ruining the look.

Classic style window treatments

A home that does not include any window treatments can stop a sale. Indeed, potential buyers may be discouraged by the cost of buying curtains and blinds. Also, the more classic the latter - for example, by displaying neutral colours - the more visitors will like them.


A design adapted with current trends

Open spaces

Open spaces have been popular for about 20 years now. They make it possible to enlarge the living space, but also to facilitate exchanges between family members or guests on the same floor. Real estate brokers argue that this trend is still part of the wishes of most of their clients.

A lot of light

Abundant windows seduce buyers because they brighten up the interior. If your home contains little, it is possible to cheat to give the illusion that the rooms are filled with natural light, especially by brightening up your decor. For example, replacing opaque curtains with transparent curtains, choosing a light-coloured floor, adding bright objects that reflect light or painting the walls white. These changes can make a big difference!

White cupboard kitchen with a neutral countertop and backsplash

A timeless kitchen

An outdated kitchen has a much more negative impact than a worn-out living room. The reason is simple: it is more expensive to revamp a kitchen! Buyers want this room to be up to date, or at least to have a timeless style. For example, undamaged white cabinets and a neutral colored counter.


Be clean and consistent

A bathroom that looks great

Mould between the shower tiles, a worn-out curtain, a stained toilet seat, a cracked vanity... these kinds of elements repel buyers. The best thing is to make small renovations to improve the condition of the bathrooms and create a better impression.

Contemporary bathroom with a vanity combining a wood, marble effect and a black wall mosaic

Identical floor coverings

Some properties were renovated by area over the years. Result? There is one type of floor in the living room, another in the powder room and a third in the dining room. These blends create a chaotic look. To prevent some buyers from running away, it is better to standardize with a single floor covering.

A practical entrance

Shoes that overflow from their storage, closets that threaten to explode, mittens scattered all over the floor... is it chaos in your hallway? Be aware that functional inputs are in vogue. Optimize yours by adding, for example, a mail holder, key hooks, boxes and shelves in the closet or a bin for school bags. Everything to make life easier!

The unique or rare element

An inspiring backyard

Quebecers love summer delights. A well-designed backyard is a win-win situation! If yours is rather common, try to decorate it with a small table with placemats and cutlery or a reading area under a parasol. This will suggest a way of life for visitors.

A separate garage

In new construction, most garages are included in the house structure because the land is too narrow. However, an independent garage is a small jewel for many buyers. These rooms are often large and offer a lot of additional storage space.


Ceramic floor showing different types of heated subfloors

Heated floors

Even if they are affordable for many households, underfloor heating is still a luxury that few people afford. If buyers hesitate between two properties, a heated floor could tip the balance.


What do you find irresistible about a house?

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