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10 tips to conserve the beauty of your hardwood flooring

A hardwood floor is an investment because it adds value to a home, especially if it retains its shine over time. Maintenance is simple, but more can be done to ensure that its appearance remains optimal.

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1- Remove dust regularly

Dust may seem harmless. However, it can contain rigid particles that can scratch the surface of the wood when it accumulates. The solution is to ideally vacuum or sweep regularly every day. However, some vacuum cleaner tips, such as those made with a beater or rotary type brush, are not recommended because they can damage the wood. Instead, choose a simple dust head.


2- Place carpets at entrances

To limit the entry of dust, sand and dirt from outside which sneakily clings to shoes, place small mats at all entrance doors. Psst! Even if your family members don't properly wipe their shoes on the rugs, the carpet will still catch some of the dirt.

3- Frequent cleaning

Cleaning your hardwood floor at least once a month is recommended. Meanwhile, it is better to spray the cleaning product on the mop or microfiber cloth rather than directly on the floor. These must be humid and not soggy. Also, choose a non-abrasive soap specially designed for hardwood. Some Déco Surfaces retailers offer cleaning products adapted to your type of floor. Order them remotely with a representative of your local Déco Surfaces retailer!


4- Protect it from sunlight

Has your wood floor been treated to resist UV rays? Otherwise, it is better to protect it from the sun so it does not turn yellow quickly. Ideally, you should put blinds or curtains on your windows and close them occasionally, such as when you leave the house. On the other hand, in rooms with south-facing windows, it is optimal to apply invisible solar films on the windows. This is especially relevant if your floor is made of an exotic species such as Brazilian cherry or black walnut.

5- Keeping the humidity in your home at an ideal level

The water load contained in the air can impact the wood in the long term, excessive humidity can cause expansion or, on the contrary, dryness can cause shrinkage. The result? Distortion or gaps between wood planks. A house should have a moisture content of about 50% in the summer and 30% in the winter. In fact, in winter, because of heating systems, the air can become so dry that a portable humidifier is often a lifesaver. In the summer, a dehumidifier may be needed instead. This will help your wood floor retain its shape better over the years.

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6- Use a rug if necessary

To preserve the beauty of your hardwood floor for a long time, it is suggested that you protect the most at-risk areas with a carpet. Especially if the floor is made of a less resistant wood species. Under the pressure of heavy furniture, for example, wood fibers can crush and cause visible nicks. Placing a rug under heavy furniture or a corner that is often stepped on can make a difference.

7- Use effective protectors

This is no secret to anyone, felt protectors to be glued under the legs of furniture allow you to move them without scratching the wood. The catch: many people forget to change them when they are no longer effective. Indeed, after a while, dust will stick to them or bits will come off. The protectors can therefore become abrasive to the floor.

8- Changing furniture

The best trick to ensure that your hardwood floor ages evenly is to give it the same exposure to light, foot traffic, etc. The trick is to rearrange the furniture in the rooms every year. Luckily, change is good for you!

9- Pick up liquid spills quickly

Moisture is the enemy of hardwood. If you allow liquid to penetrate the wood, it can cause it to warp. As soon as there is a spill on the floor, even a small amount, it must be wiped up. If the liquid has had time to soak in, it should be dried with a fan.

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10- Give it a polish

Every year, a hardwood floor can be polished to refresh its look. The polish also adds a protective layer while removing surface scratches. If the floor is really damaged, some owners choose to sand it before applying a coat of varnish. Do you wish to polish or sand it yourself? Ask an expert at your local Déco Surfaces retailer for advice.

A hardwood floor is a floor covering that offers a lot of style and beauty. It deserves to be taken care of!