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Since 1977, the Déco Surfaces network has gathered retailers who specialize in floor covering and decoration, their mission is to offer turnkey services, the largest selection of products, personalized services provided by our expert retailers, as well as the best products at the right price. We offer durable and quality products, carefully selected by our retailers, with the goal of offering our customers the ultimate comfort and peace of mind. Deco Surfaces, as a flooring and decorating company, is committed to making its customers happy and proud of their purchases.

Our network is ever-expanding; in fact, retailers from everywhere in Quebec, East Ontario and Northern New Brunswick join the network year after year. With more than 55 retailers, Déco Surfaces is officially the largest group in Eastern Canada.

Our retailers’ commitment on a local level and their willingness to work closely with their customers are important assets that allow them to meet the needs of their clientele and to ensure their well-being and satisfaction.

The main values of our retailers Deco Surfaces are the well-being, the proximity, the respect, the transparency as well as the honesty. 

Our group’s expertise is diverse due to the fact that most of our retailers work in the residential and home building fields and in the commercial and institutional industry sectors. Please don’t hesitate to call upon the experts of Déco Surfaces, whether you need help with a project estimate, reading plans or evaluating products and materials. They will make sure to carry out any project while complying with the building code standards and in accordance with scheduled deadlines and budget.