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Mosaics can be made with ceramic, glass, stone, porcelain or aluminum and they are renowned for their durability, but they are also immensely popular because of their numerous styles, colours, and format options. Mosaic tiles are a great way to improve your home by adding its elegant touch.

A WOW effect every time

Thanks to its stylish patterns, the mosaic will certainly be the focal point of every room it is installed. Often used to make a splendid backsplash, there are also other great ways to make use of these flashy tiles.

But where should it be?

Mosaic, a prime choice? Without hesitation! It will give you the opportunity to be your creative self for the decors of your dream. Here are some ways you can make use of this particular type of ceramic tiles.



Using mosaic tiles in the shower is a trendy practice nowadays. The multiple choices will allow you to customize your bathroom and have the Italian shower of your dreams.


A great way to make your room look majestic is by making a mosaic on your wall. It is an audacious and bold design that highlights an entire side of the room.

Backsplash for kitchen or bathroom

The backsplash’s design is not something that should be rushed. It should even be one of the main component of your kitchen or bathroom! It can be a classic design with white metro tiles or you can be daring and make it into a mosaic.

Design is not everyone’s strength

Some people have the magic touch to design a unique and inspiring environment for their home. In that case, you can directly buy your ceramic tiles et make it yourself! However, if the idea of doing the design for your renovation project makes you anxious, then you can simply talk to one of our designers at your nearest Deco Surfaces merchant.

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