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Floating flooring

Floating floor is known as a simple, practical, and economical option yet also very aesthetically pleasing with the technological advances of recent years.

It is able to replicate hues and tints of hardwood floors to perfection. Versatile, pretty, and economical, it is an ideal choice for home renovations that you would want to do yourself !

For a living room, a playing room for the kids, a dining room or a bedroom, you can install it almost anywhere !

Layered floor

Quality floating floors are made thanks to an advanced European technology that allows manufacturers to replicate hardwood in an astonishing way. The multiple layers of wooden material allow the overall flooring to be very resistant over time and an option people appreciate because of it.

Floating laminate floors

Laminated floor is just another term for floating floor, which is also the case with layered floor !


Floating floors installation is easy and a great economic choice. With minimal manual skills required and also very little risk to damage the planks during the installation, it is a great solution for small budgets. With the help of the clipboard system, it is very easy to setup fast and efficient, without any professional help!

Turnkey services for your floor covering

You want to entrust the installation of your floor to a professional ? Deco Surfaces can offer a complete turnkey service for your home renovation project and to change your floating floor. From the design to the finishing !

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