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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a noble material that provides a natural warmth and elegance to any floor.

Whether it is an exotic setting, rustic or modern, the natural beauty of hardwood floorings will create a harmonious effect that adapts to every design.

Timeless, hardwood increases the value of your home by creating a unique cachet. Since it can be sanded and varnished again, you can keep it fresh even after decades of use.

Ecological wood

Hardwood flooring is a great environmental choice. Being a natural resource, wood is also renewable and recyclable. Since it is a pure material, manufacturing processes of wooden floor coverings are a far better ecological choice than other types of floor coverings.

Since hardwood does not absorb dust or allergens, a lot of organization agree that they are the most environmentally sound choice for floor coverings at home since it limits the use of chemical cleaning products.

Exotic wood

Vibrant colors and unique textures, exotic hardwoods flooring will add a unique and incomparable refinement to your décor. Aside from their beauty, exotic woods offer a remarkable durability and dimensional stability. In fact, that kind of wood can be about 80% harder than other solid woods like red oak.

Walnut, cherry and other exotic woods make for a unique cachet for your home. The origin makes a big difference. More than enough reason to go for this type of wood!

Pre-oiled hard wood

Natural oil finish is to be considered when you want to put forward all of the subtle features of the wood, while also protecting it. This type of finish brings out the wood grain and groove and all the richness of its color. In addition, it allows you to minimise scratches and increase resistance to temperature changes. A repair kit is also easily available at a Deco Surfaces near you in case of damage.

Pre-varnished hard wood

Choosing a hardwood flooring which has been already varnished has a lot of advantages. Since the varnish has already been applied during the manufacturing process in the factory, you will not have to live through the dust from the sanding process, no steam from the product and also no need to wait for it to dry. Varnish is a great way to protect your floor covering from scratches and color changes. Shiny, soft, matte... a lot of choices are available for your varnish and your local Deco Surfaces expert can help you choose the right one for you!

Durable and easy to clean

Hardwood is a quality material that last a long time and will actually look better as time goes on. Renowned for its durability and its timeless charm, this floor covering will add a cachet to your home. It is a sought-after material and keeping it in good shape will make for a welcoming home and an increase in value if you decide to move.

Offered in a vast array of choice, hardwoods with a light tone have the capacity to increase a room's brightness when comparing to other flooring choice. If you sand and apply a new varnish, hardwood floors will look like you just bought them! Our experts have some great advice to maintain a beautiful hardwood floor.

Choising your type of flooring is too hard ?

Nothing better than to discuss about your project with a Deco Surfaces Merchant to make sure your needs are well translated into a solid idea. Should you install an oiled or varnished flooring, or even make the finishing yourself ? Our staff and designers can respond to these specific questions you might have concerning your hardwood floor. Indeed, your floor needs to be well adapted to your décor, but It also needs to be adapted to your room and your lifestyle. Visit your Deco Surfaces merchant to discover our large selection of hardwood flooring.