Hardwood Flooring


Laminate, vinyl, hardwood, carpet, ceramic and more, Deco Surfaces offers a wide selection of flooring. Whether you’re looking for vinyl planks for the kitchen, ceramic tiles for a bathroom or a stylish wooden floor for your living room, Deco Surfaces experts can help you find the solution that best suits your interior design needs.

Hardwood is a noble material that gives warmth and elegance to any floor. Whether in an exotic, rustic or modern decor, the natural beauty of hardwood creates a harmonious effect that adapts to all preferences.

Timeless, hardwood enhances the value of your home by providing an unparalleled cachet. Since it can be sanded and refinished, it may stay in place for several decades given it is properly maintained.

A hardwood floor is a good environmental choice. As a natural resource, wood is renewable and recyclable. Since it is a pure material, methods of hardwood floors manufacturing are often much more environmentally friendly than other types of flooring.

Because wood gathers almost no dust and other allergens, several associations agree that wood flooring is the perfect environmental choice in a home, reducing the need for cleaning products that can be harmful to the environment.

Essences such as cork do not imply any tree cutting, while others such as bamboo are rapidly renewed.

With their vibrant colors and unique textures, exotic wood floor coverings will give your decor an incomparable refinement. In addition to their beauty, exotic woods provide remarkable durability and dimensional stability, because they can be 80% harder than hardwoods such as red oak.

A natural oil finish is an option to consider if you want to put forward the innate characteristics of wood while protecting it with a thin film. This type of finish highlights the wood grain, its grooves and the richness of its different shades. It also helps minimize scratches and increase resistance to temperature variations. Pre-oiled floor can easily be repaired with a kit available at Deco Surfaces stores.

Choosing a pre-varnished hardwood flooring has many great advantages. As the varnish is factory applied, there is no dust due to sanding, no unwanted vapors in your home and no need to wait for the dry finish. Varnish protects your flooring from scratches and color variations. Gloss, satin, matt… there are several choices of hardwood varnishes and Deco Surfaces experts can help you determine the right option for you!

What is hardwood?

Made from slats of noble wood such as cherry, maple or oak, hardwood floors add warmth to any décor. This floor is used for its natural beauty that adapts to all styles. Plus, each wood species has its distinctive characteristics and aesthetic qualities.


Solid hardwood or engineered wood?

There are two main ways of manufacturing hardwood: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood floors are designed, as the name suggests, from a piece of solid hardwood and a protective varnish surface coating. They are usually preferred by those seeking authenticity and durability. Engineered wood consists of several layers of plywood and a 100% natural wood top layer. With its stable core, engineered wood is more reliable in a humid environment with variable temperatures. Whatever type of hardwood flooring you choose, Déco Surfaces offers quality products.


What are the advantages of hardwood?

Hardwood is a quality material that lasts and ages beautifully. This flooring is known for its durability and timeless appeal and adds value to your home. It is highly sought after by potential buyers. Available in a wide variety of species, light wood can better enhance the brightness of a room than other types of flooring. It can also be restored by sanding it down and applying a new varnish.


Which rooms are best suited for hardwood floors?

Hardwood is suitable for many rooms such as the kitchen, living room or bedroom. However, it is not a good idea to install hardwood in bathrooms as it does not react well to moisture. It is important to monitor the relative humidity of your home with a hygrometer after installing a hardwood floor. The recommended moisture content should be between 35% and 65%.


Is installing a hardwood floor hard?

It is important to make sure you know what you are looking for before installing a hardwood floor. The type of floor chosen will have an impact on the method and time of installation. For example, solid wood flooring must be installed on a wood subfloor using nails or staples. An engineered wood floor, on the other hand, offers more options as it can be installed with nails, glue or staples directly on an acoustic membrane. 


An infinite choice of hardwood floors at Déco Surfaces

Visit your Deco Surfaces retailer to discover our wide range of hardwood floors. We offer ecological wood, exotic wood, pre-oiled or pre-varnished solid wood floors, which are available in different finishes: semi-gloss, satin or matt. Our advisors will be able to answer all your questions and guide you in the choice of a quality hardwood floor that meets your needs.

Visit your local Deco Surfaces retailer to discover our wide range of solid wood flooring.