Laminate, vinyl, hardwood, carpet, ceramic and more, Deco Surfaces offers a wide selection of flooring. Whether you’re looking for vinyl planks for the kitchen, ceramic tiles for a bathroom or a stylish wooden floor for your living room, Deco Surfaces experts can help you find the solution that best suits your interior design needs.

The vinyl planks are a new generation of flooring that combine the charm of genuine surfaces such as ceramic and wood to the finesse of a high end floor. It also provides remarkable acoustic comfort and easy maintenance. Vinyl planks and tiles are easy to install and their modular nature allows you unlimited creativity in the design of your decor.

Vinyl rolls (or sheets) are a seamless floor covering whose style and patterns are constantly updated, making it an ever popular product. In fact, the vinyl sheets offer the widest range of patterns and floor covering colors in all categories. Its easy maintenance and its reasonable cost often make it a popular choice for consumers.

Floating vinyl is gaining popularity, especially with the arrival of new materials whose appearance and finish compare favorably with high-end recoveries. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, floating vinyl is very affordable and proves a very profitable investment.