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Vinyl Planks

Deco Surfaces and its great merchant network are flooring and interior design specialists.

Vinyl planks are a new generation of floor covering that possess the charm of others like ceramic and hardwood and offers a remarkable acoustic comfort and easy maintenance. Those vinyl planks and boards are easy to install thanks to their clip design, which also allows a great deal of creativity when installing the floor.

Clip system

What makes the installation of vinyl planks such a breeze is the clip system. You do not need any costly equipment to start working on your project, only a ruler and an Exacto style knife is sufficient to install your flooring the same way a professional would do. Even glue is not required, which could be dropped and cause damage or stains that are difficult to remove.

Vinyl rolls

Vinyl rolls or vinyl sheets are a floor covering of which styles and patterns are constantly renewed, which makes it a fresh product that always maintain a high popularity. In fact, vinyl sheets have the largest color choices and patterns of any floor covering types and category. Being easy to maintain makes it an all-around popular choice amongst consumers.

Floating vinyl is also gaining in popularity, especially with the arrival of new materials which makes it admirably compares to a lot of high-end flooring. Floating vinyl is a very economic choice and a great investment.

Vinyl and its benefit

Simple and attractive, vinyl planks present themselves as a great choice for numerous homes. They are mainly known for they great resistance to water, its durability and more. You want to know more about vinyl covering ? Discover its many facets in our blog !

There are many more tips and trends that we tackle in our blog posts. Get inspired and find the best ideas for your home projects.

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Not simply an economic solution !

Durability, ease of installation and cost makes vinyl plank a great economic and long-lasting option for many homes, however it is also a material that can easily replicate the appearance of high-end products and that is easy to clean and maintain. Un little sweep of the broom, a little shot of vacuum or even a robot vacuum is the only thing you need to keep it clean, most of the time. More tenacious stains may require some cleaning products that you can find at a Deco Surfaces near you.

Want to know more about vinyl planks and get accompanied by one of our designers to decide which floor covering to take ? A Deco Surfaces merchant is your essential support to help you in the great adventure of your renovation project !

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