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Room visualizer

Here's why you should use our 3D room visualizer!

This tool will make your decision easier when it comes to choosing your flooring. This way you will find the perfect floor for your home. Sometimes it's hard to get a picture of your room before the floor is installed. Our room visualizer brings our products to life by showing you what you can expect. Simply take a picture of the room you want to renovate and let our room visualizer do the rest!

A simple 3 steps tool to use:

  1.  Choose your floor
  2. Take a picture of your room
  3. Save your picture

How to use it?

It can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile. You just have to stay on our website and choose the floor you like. Then, you will need to take a picture of your room and select the "upload my room" option. Then, determine the place where you want to apply the product. You can also rotate the product by clicking on the "Rotate Surface" button at the top of the page. The last step is to save the image or share it with your friends and family. Have a nice navigation!