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Flooring replacement and renovations

Entrust the repair and refurbishment of your floor to our professionals. Revive the dormant beauty of your flooring with a masterful touch. Rediscover the timeless radiance of your living space.

Wherever you are in Quebec, our dealers have the equipment and the art of renewal for your floor. Like flooring alchemists, they breathe new life into every floor. The shine of yesteryear is reborn under their expert hands or brought to life with a brand-new look. With skill and passion, they create floors that tell a story, that reflect your essence. Let us guide you towards a resplendent space, where time has no hold except on timeless elegance. Entrust your floor to our professionals and rediscover the magic of metamorphosis.

Current Floor Conditions: Solutions and Prevention

Over time, floors, whether commercial or residential, can bear witness to the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Scratches tell the story of frequent use, while water damage leaves traces that are hard to forget. Sometimes, boards or tiles come loose, weaving fringes of worry in our minds.

But you can be reassured that solutions to these challenges abound. Simple sanding, followed by varnishing or staining, can give your floor a new lease of life, reviving its former glory. Individual slats or tiles that have failed can be replaced with precision, putting the jigsaw puzzle of your design back together. And for more complex cases, such as extensive water damage, a full restoration will allow you to turn the page, writing a new chapter of brilliance and resilience.

Entrust your floor to our specialists, the artisans of renewal, and discover the harmony between aesthetics and durability. Contact us today to transform your worries into shards of serenity, for a floor that tells a captivating story, that dances with the elegance of time. Together, let's create a space that reflects the radiance of your soul.


You are planning to change floor covering ?

In the timeless story of interior design, a captivating dilemma emerges: keep the same floor covering or choose the impetus of a new adventure. Let's explore the reasons behind this inspiring choice.

The quest for continuity leads some people to keep the same floor covering. Familiar patterns evoke a history already written; a warm ambiance already woven. The attachment to familiar aesthetics offers a sense of security, where memories dance on well-known floors. In this way, the excitement of the new can be calmed, giving way to the blossoming of timeless beauty.

But the call of metamorphosis attracts bold minds. The desire to explore new harmonies, to reinvent expression, sparks a dance of excitement in the soul. Change opens doors to innovation, the opportunity to flourish in innovative design, where dreams come to life. The elegance of hardwood follows the charm of vinyl, creating a fresco where creativity reigns supreme.

Whether you choose to keep the same floor covering, or let yourself be carried away to new horizons, the real jewel lies in the harmony between your aspirations and your space. At Déco Surfaces, we celebrate the brilliance of each choice, because it is in this symphony of possibilities that the expression of your essence finds its full resonance. Whatever your path, we'll be your guides, the artisans of your vision, so that every step on your floor is a work of art, in which your soul dances with the elegance of time. Dare to create, dare to explore, and let us be the dazzled witnesses to your inner story.

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Let our skilled craftsmen remake your space, one floor at a time. Give us your vision and our Déco Surfaces installers will bring bakc life to your home. Contact us today and expect to be inspired from our first meeting. 

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