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How to convert your summer decor for fall?

You don't have to repaint the walls or change all the furniture and accessories to make your home feel like fall!

In fact, by replacing a few elements here and there, you could quickly create a cocoon that is conducive to this season. The important thing is to create a harmonious and enveloping environment through textures and colors.

Put away items that are too summery

First and foremost, you need to identify what is completely wrong with a fall decor. For example, palm cloth, lemon yellow throw and pastel accessories.

Store all those items that look too summery in a closet. If they stay in place, all your efforts to make your decor warmer will be in vain.

Anyway, it's not goodbye: you'll get all those accessories out again in spring!

Use sage green or burnt orange

This year's trendy colors, dark green (sage or forest) or deep orange (burnt or ochre) will look great in any room of the house. As an added bonus, these colors are perfect for a fall setting.

Cushions, frames, curtains, armchairs, candles, poufs, quilts … You will easily find several items displaying these shades in home decor stores.

Focus on wood

Timeless and friendly, wood is a material that always adds warmth and a sense of comfort. How to integrate it into a room?

This can mean replacing your glass coffee table with an oak model, or attaching wooden apple boxes to the wall. Swapping stainless steel floor lamps for wooden counterparts is also a great idea.

If you are lucky enough to already have a wood floor (or vinyl imitation wood) with enveloping tones, it's perfect! If not, you could camouflage the coldness of your ceramic floor with a small rug.

Adding mesh pieces

Wool or acrylic, there is no shortage of decorative items made of large knits. It can be a cushion, a throw, a rug, a centerpiece or even a flowerpot cover. Because of their soft texture and country feel, knits are perfect in a more autumnal setting.

Decorate with dried flowers or pumpkins

Fresh, fragrant flowers will inspire spring or summer. For fall, turn to dried plants, wheat stalks or clumps of long grass.

Another idea: in glass jars, arrange small natural or painted white pumpkins for a monochrome effect.

Changing window coverings

Since curtains are not expensive, it is realistic to have 2 for the same window, which you will change according to the season. As soon as the cooler weather arrives, velvet curtains will be ideal. Plus: they inspire luxury and are soft.

Alternatively, more typical tiled patterns can make a nice effect by recalling the sugar shack era. In this case, you'll need to balance the rest of the decor so as not to overload the space with other busy patterns. You certainly don't want the designs to compete with each other!

Integrate a warm rug

In autumn, we look for comfort. And that should be reflected in our choice of accessories. Here and there, spread small rugs, ideally in soft textures for the feet.

Also, if you already have a room in your home that has a beige or cream wall-to-wall rug, know that it is the perfect place to create a cocoon for fall. After all, these rooms already inspire relaxation.

Replace your decorative candles

Say "See you next season" to your summer candles and lanterns. Replace them not only with fall-colored counterparts, but also with scents typical of this time of year: cloves, cinnamon, cut hay, etc.


In the fall, the sun sets early and it gets dark quickly in the house. Instead of turning the lights on full blast, consider creating atmosphere with lamps, trendy string lights, candles or dimmers. Also, take the time to change incandescent white light bulbs for warm ones.

You will definitely feel enveloped and pampered in this new decor!