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Our tips for making a room warmer?

Nothing is more pleasant than to enter your house and feel at home. That often requires a welcoming atmosphere. A warm interior is priceless!

Here are some tips on how to add a little magic and warmth to your favorite rooms without breaking the bank or calling a contractor.

The Power of Flooring

Certain finishing materials create a cooler or warmer atmosphere, depending on their texture and color. Hardwood or floating floors automatically make  rooms more inviting. In fact, any wood element has the same impact! As for its color, a chocolate brown will be more welcoming than a cold gray.

But wood is far from being the only warm floor covering. Wall-to-wall carpeting is hard to beat! Porcelain and ceramics, despite their hardness, can also generate a warm effect. For example, models that imitate wood or have a warm color.

The impact of wall decorations

Decorating your wall with x-boards, photos or DIY decorations is not rocket science, and can really make a difference. Especially if you introduce pictures or symbols that personalize your home. Why not make a wall of frames? Simply use stylish frames and position them nicely on the wall.

To do this, assemble them on the floor before attaching them, so that you opt for a combination that looks good. You will then have a unique piece that looks like you.

Colors that warm up

Even if you like the clean look generated by white, it can be a good idea to paint a single colored wall that will give your room a cocooned look. For example, a forest green dome over your headboard, half of a burnt orange wall in the entryway or the entire living room wall (the one where the couch sits) in eggplant.

First, be sure that the color you choose matches the textiles and accessories already in the room. Colorimetry is a science that should not be taken lightly! It is always important to have a reminder of the colors in the paintings on the wall or in the patterns of your furniture!

The right light

The choice of lighting fixtures can completely transform the look of a room. A round, good-sized light hanging over your bed will instantly give your room a modern, warm look. The same goes for the light over the dining room table: it will immediately generate a comforting and enveloping effect when dining with friends!

And while you're at it, replace your light switches so that they can temper the room. The warmth of a room is also a matter of the degree of brightness!

The little magic details

For a bright and inviting room without having to get out the gallons of paint, the hammer or even call the electrician, you can focus on simple elements:

- Have a few plants hanging from the ceiling or place climbing plants on a shelf to create dimension.

- Don't neglect textiles either, such as decorative cushion covers, which have the power to give your room an enveloping look.

Rugs can easily define spaces and create depth. Whether they have long or short pile, they create a soft climate in addition to being cozy underfoot.

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 If throws on beds, armchairs and chairs increase the cocooning effect of a space tenfold, curtains are not to be outdone! They muffle the space and their presence adds an elegant touch to windows, especially if they are dark in color and of good quality.

- Comforting furniture such as an upholstered rocking chair or sofa is welcome.

- Aromatic and romantic looking candles will also warm up the space.

How do you warm up your decor?